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Zoopark Publishing Collective

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Zoopark Collective is a team of two Russian-born visual artists — Tatyana Palyga & Alexander Bondar — working with photography, video and book media. They started making self-published books and zines together in 2010, and in 2016 founded Zoopark Collective as an experimental platform for future editions and collaborative projects. Our aim is to equip our students with a concise set of simple and effective tools and approaches to photobook-making. They include material selection and editing, sequencing, basic cover design, layout and typography (using Adobe InDesign), printing and binding choices.

This course implies intense individual work, in-detail feedback sessions and group discussions, and online group chat in between the sessions. As soon as you book your seat, we will contact you to get things ready.

Seat options & prices:

Student Seat — 295 EUR

Join the full course program as a Student — create your book under curation by the end of the course. Seats are limited.

Viewer Seat — 45 EUR

Join as a Viewer — you will be invited to all online meeting and have access to the collective discussion via WhatsApp.

Course program

Before the beginning of the course:
  • Create your own mood board and references of inspirations, any ideas for your future photobook.
  • Make a big selection of around 200 photos.
  • Make a shorter selection of 80 photos.
  • Choose the first working title.
  • Note down ideas for the text that might be included in the book (its topic, volume, etc.).

What will you need for this course:

  • Selection of your photos as a single project or a series
  • Access to a computer with Adobe Indesign
  • Skype account.

1st meeting [Selection and Editing]

Zoopark presentation / examples of photobooks / short presentation of participants / approach to selection and editing / case studies / hometask

2nd meeting [Selection and Editing. Practice]

Homework results / feedback & comments / group discussion / new hometask

3rd meeting [Sequencing]

Hometask results feedback

Approaches to sequencing / basics of sequencing in InDesign / hometask

4th meeting [Layout]

Feedback and comments on the hometask / introduction to layout / elements of graphic design / case studies and examples / layout in Indesign / hometask

5th meeting [Text, typography]

Feedback and comments on the hometask / short introduction to typography & typesetting /  basics of working with text in InDesign / hometask

6th meeting [Cover, printing, binding, materials]

Feedback and comments on the hometask / cover design / printing and binding options

7th meeting [Exporting files]

Feedback on previous hometask / preparing files for print / exporting PDFs / hometask

8th meeting [RESULTS]

Group discussion of the final results / Q&A

8 practice-oriented sessions within 8 weeks. This practical course is aimed at photographers and artists who plan to realize their visual art project in a form of a photo book or an artist book, and are looking to acquire the necessary basic skills for this. By the end of the workshop, each participant will have a digital project (and a PDF) of their future photobook ready to be self-published or sent to a publisher.

Longterm Online course
you need:
InDesign (or Affinity), Skype
Jan 9
Feb 20, 2023
Mondays, 8:30pm Berlin Time